If you're from Idaho you know that Napoleon Dynamite the quote on quote low budget movie that absolutely exploded back in 2004 was filmed in Preston, Idaho. I hardly ever sit down long enough to watch a movie because I feel like I always need to be doing something productive but I do remember laughing so hard during the scene where Napoleon and Pedro are using a makeshift ramp in front of Pedro's house and Napoleon tells Pedro... "You got like 3 feet of air on that one" when in reality he got maybe a half a foot....hahahaha... Go back and watch it you will laugh out loud. This movie is definitely a cult classic and now you can a own a piece of it... Kinda... Pedro's house is for sale and can be yours for around $200k. The downside is that you would have to move to Preston, Idaho or you could rent it out as it is a duplex. I would personally use it to throw annual "Vote for Pedro" party's

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