Idaho has had a republican governor since 1995, and depending on who you ask, many Idahoans like it that way.

With only two weeks until we vote for who will lead Idaho for the foreseeable future, maybe it's time to consider an alternate candidate.

There are numerous features one looks for in a candidate for a leader position. The ability to inspire and lead others. A commanding presence. Being calm and collected during a crisis. It takes a lot to lead an entire state in the greatest country in the world.

So, who are people saying could be Idaho's next leader?

That's right. The alien-looking thing from Eifel 65's Blue video:

Hear me out. We've never once had an alien hold office, let alone a blue alien. Wouldn't that be cool? While other states have their boring human officials, we'll be over here in Idaho being lead into the future by other intelligent life!

I know what you're saying, why can't they be red aliens?

Because "I'm red, blah blue blee blah blue blaah" didn't sound nearly as catchy.

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