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PETA's Latest Campaign? Jackets Made of Human Skin

PETA always does things for shock value, but their latest campaign has caught everyone off guard. The organization recently launched a fake store online called Urban Outraged, which features both clothing and accessories supposedly made out of "the finest leather," a.k.a. human skin. (via Indy100)

Aaron Carter Thinks His Family Wants To Put Him in a Conservatorship

Aaron Carter reportedly believes his family is teaming up with his ex to put him in a conservatorship. The pop artist told TMZ that his ex Melanie Martin has been secretly communicating with his family behind his back and giving them information to build their case. #FreeAaron? (via TMZ)

Having a Work Best Friend Could Stop Employees From Quitting 

Experts say that having a close friend in the workplace could stop people from quitting their jobs. Healthy relationships apparently increase workplace morale, and employees are more likely to engage in work activities and projects if they have support from a friend. (via Baller Alert)

Tiger Woods Is Finished Playing Golf Full-Time

In a new interview with Golf Digest, Tiger Woods said that he will never play golf full-time again after the car accident he was in earlier this year.

Dr. Oz Is Running for Senate

Dr. Oz has announced that he is running for the Pennsylvania Senate. See his statement, below:

Take a Tour of Logan Paul's $9 Million Encino Mansion

Logan Paul is selling his magnificent $9 million Encino mansion after moving to Puerto Rico. Here's a look inside!

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