Idaho is known for many things: potatoes, beautiful sceneries, and the blue turf. But there’s something else Idaho has become known for, and it is a bit shocking.


Every year, studies are done comparing states in every aspect. Whether it’s education, housing, safetyness, etc., there’s always one state that comes out on top.


So, I’m sure you’e wondering, “What did Idaho rank the highest for?” Well, all I’m gonna say, is we sure know how to drink.


According to this article from MSC, Idaho consumes more wine than any other state in the country. Yep. By nearly .75 gallons.


The study also showed that Idaho consumes 1.21 gallons of ethanol (alochol) per capita. The next closest state pales in comparison, which would be Georgia at .25 gallons of ethanol per capita.


And, if you’re curious, here are the consumption rates of the next closest states following Idaho's love for wine and alcohol. 

Ranked in gallons for ethanol (alcohol) per capita


You Won’t Believe What Idahoans Consume More Than Any Other State


Personally, I thought California being wine country would have ranked number one. Or maybe we’ve just absorbed enough Californians to shoot us up the charts? Who knows. But Idahoans sure know how to put that ethanol down!

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