Oh, football season. Even when we aren't in it, we're constantly hearing about how it's coming up! It seems that football fans are always in football season and here in Boise--there are certainly a lot of football fans.

Boise State football has for years now, been THE football to watch in Boise. With no local professional team or really even a nearby regional favorite, it's all about the Blue Turf in the Treasure Valley. Like all football fans, Boise State fans seem to always have it 'figured out'--the arm chair experts have strong opinions about players, coaching, and the trajectory of the football program.

We can still remember the day that the news broke: Bryan Harsin was leaving Boise State--for a big time program. Like any bitter ex, many Boise fans had plenty to say about his departure and his eventual termination at Auburn.

No matter your thoughts on Bryan Harsin as a coach--he's a homegrown star and we're lucky to have had him at Boise State. Now, another Harsin is making headlines.

Playing football at Eagle High School is Harsin's son, Davis. He's a stud of a quarterback and has been visiting schools all across the country as he begins to figure out what's next after high school. We love to see that his son has taken after his dad's love of football.

A recent picture made the rounds on 'Boise Twitter' and we can't help but appreciate the irony--and the commentary.


How quickly Boise State fans have forgotten, however-- he was just wearing blue and orange! 


All football drama aside, at the end of the day, Davis Harsin is a solid young man with a bright future and while we would love to see him on the blue, we hope he ends up at the best fit for him!

Here's a look at Boise's own Bryan Harsin and his coaching career: 

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Most recently at Auburn, Bryan Harsin put his house up on the market and it was quite the amazing home--check out the inside, below: 

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