Not all heroes wear capes — some deliver pizzas and save lives while doing so.

Nicholas Bostic is being called a "superhero" after dashing into a stranger's burning house and rescuing five children from the fiery inferno engulfing their Indiana home. Now, his story of remarkable bravery is gaining national attention.

On July 11, the 25-year-old pizza delivery driver was making his rounds delivering orders when he spotted smoke and flames coming from a home along his route.

Making a split-second decision after seeing no help on the scene, Bostic ran toward the house to help whoever was trapped inside.

As he approached the home, he screamed and waited for a response, but heard nothing. However, his gut told him people were inside.

Bostic entered the home through the back door and continued to shout, eventually finding four children.

After leading them outside to safety, Bostic was informed that a 6-year-old child was still trapped inside.

The courageous delivery driver entered the home again, this time climbing the stairs to the second story where he found the 6-year-old.

"When I saw the smoke, it was already halfway up the staircase. It scared me a lot, but then I started hearing Kaylani's cries," Bostic told Fox News, explaining he folded his shirt over his face and navigated the home primarily by sound until he reached the crying child.

Carrying her snug in his arms as the flames continued to devour the house, Bostic made another critical decision.

Knowing the only way out would be to escape through a window, Bostic held the child close and jumped out of a second-story window, using his body as a cushion to break their fall.

By this point, paramedics and firefighters were on the scene. Once the pair were safely outside of the home, Bostic, suffering from severe smoke inhalation and burns, had only one thing on his mind. "Is the baby okay?" he asked rescue officials.

Bostic told Fox News that he has no training in fire rescue but he enjoys watching TV shows about police and fire departments, tapping Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Blue Bloods as some of his favorites.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help replace the family's belongings as well as cover Bostic's medical care following his heroic rescue.

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