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UPDATE: Police have located the man in question and no charges have been filed. The woman's story has changed and looks like she knew the man. The two supposedly planned to meet up. The story unfolding now and will update with new information once it comes in.


This is serious and Boise Police need your help finding this person of interest. A woman was reportedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted on Wednesday.

The incident happened around 7:35 P.M. on Wednesday when a man approached a woman in her car near S. Vinnell Way and W. Overland Rd. The scary part is the man actually forced his way into her car. That is shocking and it gets worse.

The man then forced her to drive to a location where he sexually assaulted the victim. The suspect then made her drive back to the original location where he fled. This happened when the sun was still up and it was bright outside. That means criminals don't care when it is, but it's the opportunity. You must lock your doors because it's obvious that you're never safe and that means even when you're inside. This guy didn't care what time it was or how dark.

The man is described as a white male with red hair with a large colorful tattoo on his forearm. He might be driving a small grey SUV.

Don't approach this individual. Call 911, 208.377.6790, or if you want to remain anonymous dial 208.343 (COPS)

This is a very scary situation and please be aware of your surroundings at all times. This is something I learned living in a major city growing up. Don't always think you're in danger only when it's dark outside and the clock ticks 2 A.M. Criminals strike at any time. Be very careful.

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