You hear of these things in the national news but makes you scratch your head when it happens at home. Police are looking for someone who drove through someone's yard, jumped a fence and went right into the house. Yea, that just happened.

The homeowner and authorities are on the lookout for anyone that has information regarding the vehicle or persons involved. Can you imagine being at home when all of a sudden someone plows through your bedroom?

I first heard about this on Twitter and couldn't really find any more information other than KTVB. Gretchen Parsons first posted about this on Sunday.

So, did you see anything? Looks like they're looking for a white lifted truck and right now they don't have anything. If you see a vehicle like this that might have some major damage that might be worth reporting. That's usually how they get these suspects along with video footage from someone else's home cameras. I'm sure that will be coming next.

The truck went in so deep that pushed back the bed inside trapped their pup. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Great reporting Gretchen!

If you see something that resembles the description you're being asked to call Ada County Sheriff's Office. 


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