Looks like this manhunt continues after an I-84 shooting that leaves one dead and the suspect on the loose. This is the message I'm getting from the Idaho State Police.

Jonathan Llana shot and killed a person in Utah and then fled from Idaho law enforcement. Jonathan is 5'10, approximately 150 lbs, black hair, and brown eyes. Authorities warn that the suspect is armed and dangerous. Do not approach, call 911.

I continuously try to explain to my wife the reasons why we can't be careful enough. I know that we live in Idaho but these instances remind us that bad things happen. Boise is still a small place but terrible tragedies happen in the smallest places. School shootings happen in small towns. We should remember that we can only control what's in our hands. Here are a few tips that might help you in preventing a bad situation.

1. Distracted driving - This is dangerous regardless. Think of it like this. What if some criminal walks up to you while stopped at a red light and your head is down texting. I know it's not the popular thing to say but look up. Lock your doors! Defensive drive better because that could be the difference in you saving your life. I know that might be a severe reaction but just be more aware.

2. Lock and remove items from a car - Most of the break-ins I hear about involve unlocked vehicles. Thieves will walk by your ride and glance in the window. Don't give them a reason to open your door or break the glass. Desperate people will take desperate measures. If someone is broke and they see money on the seat - are you confident they won't steal it? If there is a purse in the backseat who knows what's inside. A thief could take a chance hoping for credit cards, identification, or just cash. Remove everything with value out of the plain sight and don't give them a reason to take a closer look!

3. Close your curtains - I understand that you might wanna enjoy the sunshine and that's fine. I mean you don't have to lock yourself inside with candles. I just mean it's not necessary for you to walk around half naked in plain sight for some creepy person to take a look. Don't give a criminal a reason to come back.

4. Hide your gift boxes - How many times have you seen a box in the yard of some nice 70 in' LED TV box? Nice job advertising that you just made over a $1000 purchase and it's inside. Why don't you just open your door and with a sign, "Take my expensive items! We just bought them." Break that box down and turn it inside out at the minimum. Think

5. Invest in security cameras - Don't let this be a scary purchase because I've been researching cameras for years. You can buy some great security cameras like the brand ARLO that are wireless with app. There is NO subscription price per camera like other models.

6. Invest in a security system - Did can be spendy but depends on your budget. I went to the fair to get a good deal about 5 years ago. These systems are so advanced you might be able to get a complete setup with cameras for no cost - just a monthly fee from $29 and up. All of these have apps.

That's just a few tips and to each is their own right? We use a non-wifi monitor for our baby Leo because my wife doesn't wanna take any chances on someone hacking into our system. Think about what is most important. You can usually find these at Costco for cheap. Most people are going wireless and that means you might be able to find a great wired system for a cheaper price (plus so many more cameras).

These are just precautions. If anything, maybe you pay closer attention that could save you in a dangerous situation

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