OK, now we're getting hungry...

There's a good reason why everyone gathers in the kitchen when they come over to visit. The kitchen is not only where the food is, but it's also where the love is. Food is a love language and just like languages, it's spoken different everywhere you go.

In other words, what you find in Los Angeles may not be what you find in New York. What you dine on in Japan won't be what you dine on in Italy. That's the beauty of food, it's different everywhere you go.

Whenever I travel, I try to get out of my comfort zone and eat what the locals eat. For instance, when my husband and I went to Barcelona, we ate a lot of paella and drank Cava. Yum! Doing this creates a unique experience, but also adds a layer to the memory bank when it comes to reminiscing on the trip.

So what kind of food language are we speaking in Idaho?

According to the Daily Meal, we have three foods that are distinctly Idaho. These are our official state foods and they fall into three different categories. Can you name them?

Here they are...


fresh potatoes in sack on wooden table
nitrub, ThinkStock Images

Surprise! Potatoes made the list. These versatile nuggets are our official state crop. Some sites say this is our official state vegetable, but I consider potatoes more of a starch/carb than I do veggie. Bake them, mash them, fry them, decorate them like Mr. Potato Head... we love them any way. But perhaps our favorite preparation is smothered in Fry Sauce.



Mountain Huckleberries of Idaho 5
Jeromastheking, ThinkStock Images

Our official state fruit is the humble huckleberry. I didn't know much about these guys until I came to this area, but I'm obsessed. Huckleberries are extremely nutritious and used to be collected for medicinal purposes. Now we use them to brighten up dishes or bake them into a delicious pie.


Fly Fishing
ANDY_BOWLIN, ThinkStock Images

The trout is our official state fish. You'll find abundant amounts of trout in our area. To me, trout is a good fish because it's versatile. It does taste like fish, but it's not too gamey or muddy like catfish can sometimes taste. It's a delicate, flakey fish.

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