Growing up, washing the car wasn't You would drive into a building made of literal brick with those big metal drains on the ground and you'd get to work--getting tangled in that long hose and feeding the timer so you could get a little more foam on that ride. If you were a real one--you'd do it at home with a garden hose.

These days, washing cars is a lot more exciting. Lights are blinking, multi-colored foams and protectants are flying around, you sit while your car is moved through a facility nicer than most homes and during the spooky season, many turn haunted. Car washes are attractions, now!

One popular car wash group in Boise is expanding--and there's a major benefit for folks in the Treasure Valley.

You've been living under a rock if you haven't driven past a Bluebird Express Car Wash--they're "the nice ones" that have began to appear all over town. Familiar?

It does't matter whether you are or aren't, really--now is a great time to get acquainted because Bluebird Express Car Wash, owned and operated by two brothers, locally here in the Treasure Valley, is offering FREE CAR WASHES to everyone.

Their new location is on State Street, right near downtown Boise. Now open for business, ANYONE is welcome to drive through for a FREE CAR WASH until December 25th.

With all of the slush on the road, who couldn't use one? They're also offering deals--like 50% off of your first month with their unlimited pass.

Not only has Bluebird recently been named Best Car Wash in the Treasure Valley--they're local and good to their people, too, having been named one of Idaho's best employers.

Go get that whip cleaned!

The exact address is: 3310 W State Street! Free washes are good every day through December 25th! 

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