If you love cats you're going to love this! And speaking of love, it's just in time for Valentine's Day!

Perhaps you remember a year ago when a local cat made it big time in the annual Easter commercial for the Cadbury Egg! His name was Crash and he was a national sensation--now, he's the resident "mascot" at the popular cat shelter.

Putting all of the time and care into these cats the way that Simply Cats does comes with a cost and the shelter is hoping that this seasonally appropriate raffle will encourage you to give a little, to win a lot!

Totally themed around Valentine's Day, the prizes for the winner are quite large--check out the extensive list below:

- Handmade, locally crafted 53” cat tree (valued at $195)
- A custom pet portrait made by a local Artist known as The Painted Pointer
- LOTS of cat toys
- Handmade mouse cat toy with catnip
- Two boxes of Valentine chocolate from See’s Candies
- Cozy Cat bed and fleece blanket
- Cat puzzle and a Hisses get Kisses decoration
- Cute Valentine mug and kitchen towel

Did someone say a custom pet portrait!? You had better plan on making some room on your walls at home for that masterpiece!

Tickets start at just $5.00 for 6 and while it isn't listed as part of the prize, I am sure that they can arrange for a meet and greet with the world-famous Crash as well--should you win!

Learn more about Simply Cats, see the sweet pets that they have up for adoption, and more, by clicking HERE.

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