Changes are coming to downtown Boise's dining and drinking scene--but what's new?

As Boise continues to grow, expand, and evolve--these are the types of things that we have to expect. We love when local businesses thrives and that's exactly what we're hearing is next on Idaho Street.

Popular downtown Boise bar and restaurant 'House of Western', which is locally owned and operated, is now going to be 'expanding' into three different, trendy, and unique concepts.

The large space that has been totally House of Western will now be split into three, sure to serve up (or pour) something for just about everyone.

Here's a look at what we know is on the way for downtown Boise's 'House of Western' expansion!

New Twists & Concepts at Downtown Boise's Popular Bar & Restaurant

This space is so big it's expanding...into THREE!

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Which new concept will you be trying first?

In a statement released by Western Brands, the following describe Boise's newest and trendiest concepts:

Step into Due West, an American fine dining concept crafted with the vision of offering a unique perspective on American cuisine. Drawing inspiration from contemporary Western culture, Due West's diverse menu promises an immersive culinary journey that will tantalize your palate.

You can expect 'Due West' to be open by July 18th on Idaho Street and yes, they're already taking reservations for those that want to be early to the experience!


Descriptions then continued to explain 'The National':

Experience a timeless, intimate bar and restaurant at The National. A contemporary homage to classic American restaurant hangouts, The National evokes nostalgia while offering upscale takes on beloved dishes.

Expect 'The National' to be open and fully operational by July 18th on Idaho Street.

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