The things my boyfriend learns while he's on the roof of Old Chicago helping them clean out their satellite dishes fascinate me.

So there we were.  Snowmageddon Day...whatever day we're on, I've lost track of how many days it's snowed since I got back from Christmas vacation.  We decided to cheer for Jay and the Miami Dolphins at our normal football watching destination, Old Chicago Downtown.  When we showed up the Marty, one of the managers, was trying to hook up an HD antenna to get the game on more TVs after snow piled up on the dish and knocked out the HD channels.

Enter my boyfriend who wants to be the football hero.  He asks Marty to take him and our bartender, Brian, up to the roof to clean the dish out and spray it with PAM so that the snow doesn't build back up again.  This happened just as the snow was turning into freezing rain on Sunday, so I was pretty sure they were all going to fall off the roof and break something. (They didn't and successfully got the game on all the working TVs in the bar.)

He came back with some news though! According to our friends at Old Chicago their upstairs neighbor, The Rose Room, will be closing sometime this spring.  The Rose Room is an event space that's super popular for wedding receptions and high school proms.

The space is being remodeled into office spaces and will reopen in the summer as an office building.  In full disclosure, I know a little bit about the tenant moving into the Red Room space, but out of respect for their official announcement later this month won't spoil the surprise here.

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