If there is one thing that the food folks in the State of Idaho love, it's some fishing. Craft beer, dogs, hikes, and fishing pretty well sum up the "lifestyle" choices of folks in the Treasure Valley.

Perhaps you're new to the area or new to fishing in general--there's a pretty great opportunity to get your "hands wet" if you will-- with some Idaho fish! The "Take Me Fishing" Trailer is an Idaho favorite that allows families to use their fishing supplies and fish without a license!

Interested in the dates that you can find the Idaho-famous "Take Me Fishing" trailer? Check out the ENTIRE list of dates, below!

  • April 9 Kleiner Pond in Meridian
  • April 13 Caldwell Rotary Pond
  • April 14 McDevitt Pond in Boise
  • April 16 Wilson Ponds in Nampa
  • April 20 Williams Pond in Boise
  • April 21 Kleiner Pond in Meridian
  • April 23 Marsing Pond
  • April 27 Settler's Pond in Meridian
  • April 28 Parkcenter Pond in Boise
  • April 30 Ed's Pond in Emmett
  • May 4 McDevitt Pond in Boise
  • May 5 Wilson Ponds in Nampa
  • May 7 Kleiner Pond in Meridian
  • May 11 Settler's Pond in Meridian
  • May 12 Esther Simplot Pond in Boise
  • May 14 Star City Pond West
  • May 18 Sawyers Pond in Emmett
  • May 19 McDevitt Pond in Boise
  • May 21 Weiser Pond
  • May 25 Kleiner Pond in Meridian
  • May 26 Wilson Ponds in Nampa
  • May 28 Eagle Island Pond
  • June 1 Dick Knox Pond in Emmett
  • June 2 Williams Pond in Boise
  • June 4 Caldwell Rotary Pond
  • June 11 Kleiner Pond in Meridian / Free Fishing Day

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