I was so excited when this store opened by my apartment that I almost cried when I found out that they were closing. 

I remember seeing the “coming soon” sign for the new Gordman’s on the way home from China Blue’s Halloween party back in 2013.  In fact after we dropped a friend off, I made the guy I was dating at the time loop back around to the Southshore Shopping to make sure that I saw the sign correctly. It was indeed a Gordman’s sign.

I ended up moving into that apartment complex across the street before the store opened and ended up getting almost all of the decor and bedding for my new place there. Plus, they had some really unique, affordable BSU gear and the running shorts I love for a fraction of the cost!

So when the company declared bankruptcy a few weeks ago and said that every one of their locations would close, I was bummed. BUT it turns out, not all the stores are closing after all! A Houston-based company known as Stage Stores says they want to buy 50 Gordman's locations. The remaining 48 will still close unless they find another buyer.

At this time it's unclear if any of the Treasure Valley locations were lucky enough to get purchased by Stage.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I'll miss picking up super cute, cheap outfits right across the street from my house!

There's currently three Treasure Valley Gordman's Locations on Parkcenter in Boise, The Village at Meridian and on N. Marketplace Blvd in Nampa.

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