Where do you go when you're in the mood for a burger? Here in the Treasure Valley, there are actually a ton of options. From Wheeler's Handout in Nampa to Hawkins Pack Out here in Boise. Maybe you're more of a Five Guys Burgers & Fries fan or you prefer the grassroots vibe at the Highland Burger Shack on Overland. We have no shortage in options.

While everyone whines and complains that In-N-Out has yet to come to Idaho, a contender for an amazing burger has "snuck" their way into Idaho, first.

Voted the "Best Burger" in Portland, Oregon is a place called Killer Burger and now, you can find them here in Idaho.

With menu items that stand out, like the "Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger", you have got to wonder if this is just another "snobby burger joint or if it is the real deal. They certainly talk big game, though.

As they share on their website, the "mission" behind Killer Burger is simple:

We want to take the Killer Burger brand anywhere people are ready for the perfect burger. In both our company-owned and franchise stores, we create an environment where agendas are left at the door, where an oasis from the world exists. In other words, we throw a party every day. That’s how we roll. We build successful partnerships, develop the best employees, and make our customers happy every time we fire up the grill, unlock the door, and pull a few cold beers.

I don't know, Boise. That's a LOT of bark--could there be any bite? A PERFECT burger? Throwing a party "every day"!? Our interest is peaked to say the least, Killer Burger.

So what's the deal with getting to the new location? Well, it's not in our backyard by any means.

The new location in Idaho is actually a drive North of us--in Hayden, Idaho. I mean no disrespect to Hayden, Idaho but I must ask--WHY Hayden!? There isn't a whole lot going on up there, as I learned while living in Eastern Washington during my college years. Perhaps it's popping off these days.

In order to get to Hayden, you will need to drive 383 miles or a total of 7-hours North. By the way, if you are THAT interested in this place, you could get to Portland, Oregon in UNDER 6-hours, where's it has actually been voted the best burger in the city.

The choice on travel is yours--but if you DO try out this alleged "perfect burger", you've got to let us know how it is.

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