Imagine walking out of your cabin and seeing a family of deer starring back at you like this:


TikTok user @hazelbabyxo posted a video back in February to the social media site showing 7 deer standing in the snow next to their porch with the caption, "only in Idaho." It was later confirmed in the comment section that this was captured in McCall.

@hazelbabyxoOnly in Idaho

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With over 305K likes and 84K shares, the encounter has gone viral. The top comment read, "Tell me you're a Disney Princess without telling me you're a Disney Princess." Other users made note that the only reason why this many deer showed up unafraid to a cabin porch is that they're hungry and looking for food, which is probably the case.

While this is certainly not a sight the average person might see every day, locals in McCall are actually more used to seeing wildlife than probably what is considered natural. The land in north-central Idaho is home to many different animals. Some of these animals, especially the deer, have become fairly comfortable around humans as shown in the viral TikTok.

 For decades now, people have been feeding the deer in McCall which has caused them to stick around the area in the wintertime when they should be migrating south. Hey, it's free food for them! In their minds, why would they have to do all of the hard work in moving south for food when it's practically handed to them here year-round.

This has led to some bigger issues. Over this past summer, city leaders proposed a ban on the feeding of deer. However, it fell through due to an error during the voting process.  According to KTVB, it's estimated by the Idaho Fish and Game that a herd of around 200 deer roam McCall in the winter. They sure are cute though.

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