As President of the United States, your to-do list seems pretty much neverending. Meetings, speeches, and so many babies to kiss. On top of all that, you've got seats and jobs to fill!

Recently, President Biden was tasked with nominating who will be Idaho's next top federal prosecutor (we promise this isn't the name of an upcoming reality show on NBC). Before we dive into who was chosen, what does a federal prosecutor even do?

Per, let's break it down:

A federal prosecutor, also known as a United States Attorney, works for the US government and prosecutes or defends court cases on its behalf. They operate as part of the US Department of Justice and try cases in the federal district courts and courts of appeal.

Who did the president choose? Joshua D. Hurwit, who's been working in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Idaho for the last ten years. Idaho's House Minority Leader had this to say about Hurwit:

He’s known for being extremely thorough and fair. [He has] an exceptional record on environmental, white collar and other criminal investigations.

A news release detailing Hurwit's nomination really gassed him up:

These individuals were chosen for their devotion to enforcing the law, their professionalism, their experience and credentials in this field, their dedication to pursuing equal justice for all, and their commitment to the independence of the Department of Justice.

We're not sure who Hurwit hired as his hypeman, but we really need to get someone talking about us like that in 2022!

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