Recently, the University of Idaho came out offering "new guidance" against giving birth control to college students. Their argument? Contraception shouldn't be offered this day and age.

A controversial take, to be sure. One that is sure to upset a lot of people. Including the leader of the free world.

President Joe Biden spoke out against the extreme policy this week, stating:

Folks, what century are we in? What are we doing? I respect everyone’s view on this — personal decision they make. But, my lord, we’re talking about contraception here. It shouldn’t be that controversial. This is what it looks like when you start to take away the right of privacy.

The University of Idaho has even gone so far as to warn employees that they could face a felony conviction for promoting abortion. A felony. That's a big-time crime, y'all.

Biden goes on, hoping that other colleges don't jump on the extreme bandwagon:

My message to any other colleges considering enacting policies like this: Don’t. Please don’t. We’re not going to sit by and let Republicans throughout the country enact extreme policies to threaten access to basic health care, and that’s why we’re all here today.


My message to folks across the country who are worried about what we’re seeing is first that we have your back. We’re not going to step back from this. And, second, we’ve heard your voices.

How do you feel about University of Idaho's new policy? Do you agree with them, or do you think the president has a good point? Let's connect.




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