As we all know, and some of us are already missing the yard signs, the Idaho Primary is over. Realistic politicians have said for years that Idaho's primary is the general election due to the Republican Party's dominance in the Gem State. For years, I've written and spoken that Republicans in Idaho are victims of too much success.

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Once again, we have to look at one of our sister and smaller states to prove my point. President Trump brought the MAGA Tour to Wyoming over the weekend. His goal is to unseat the powerful Congresswoman Liz Cheney. The rally had all of the prestige of a visit from the former commander in chief.

President Trump provided the same effort during the Montana Primaries and elections midterms. If the president can travel to our surrounding states, why not Idaho? The Gem State has a super-Republican majority. Although some instate critics would say that the party is not Conservative enough, there hasn't been a competitive race between the two parties in years.


President Trump should reward those Idahoans who supported him by visiting the Gem State during his presidency. Liberals and Democrats have enjoyed two trips by President Obama and one by current President Joe Biden. A Republican presidential trip would inspire both Republicans and Democrats to further participate in the process.

With all due respect to Wyoming and Montana, our state shouldn't be denied a Republican presidential trip because the state has too many Republicans. No state is more critical than Idaho when it comes to national politics. Let's hope President Trump understands Idaho's importance and stops in for a visit.

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