Last night while I was on the air, I was following along with the GOP's Gubernatorial debate on Idaho Public Television and I quickly realized-- it's about to be election season here in Idaho. Yes, much sooner than I anticipated.

It may not seem important to some, however Primary Elections are just another chance for us as Idahoan's and Americans to make our voice heard! Primary Election Day here in Idaho is on May 15th-- and there's plenty of time to get registered to vote here in Idaho. In fact, you can even register online now, by clicking HERE.

If you can't remember your registration status, you can look yourself up too--right HERE.

For voting in Primary Elections, the Republican world is "closed" meaning, if you aren't a registered Republican you can't vote in their primary. You may vote for the Democrats in the primary round no matter how you're registered.

To learn who's on the ballot, just click HERE.

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