If there ever was a time when I wanted to be noticed downtown, it's during this event. I wanna feel so high class  because I literally never feel that way. Pull up a chair in front of the Capitol Building and enjoy some fine dining. 

Imagine a four-course meal with drinks in front of the Capitol Building. Just 150 seats are available so if you're wanting to live that posh life, plan ahead for a night out in September.

The event is being called 'Capitol Table'. Your seat will be at the north end of Capitol Boulevard between Jefferson and Bannock streets.

Tickets are going on sale soon. A table for 6 is $2,500 and a table for 4 comes at a price of $650. Fine dining is no joke. Also, now I understand why I haven't ever been to something like this.

The restaurants participating are Fork, Brickyard Steakhouse, Juniper, Red Feather and Capitol Cellars. The chefs at each restaurant will create and prepare meals that are locally sourced.

Yesterday, someone said that Boise is basically Salt Lake City a little over 20 years ago. We all see what SLC looks like now. Could it be that the Boise everyone has known all this time is no longer? We are transitioning into being a bigger city and we aren't even seeing it happen.

Are the Olympic Games next? It's been talked about. Do you think our city could handle growing to the size of somewhere like SLC?

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