I had no idea this was even a discussion and IF it happens, we're going to lose part of our beloved Idaho?  Say what?

The proposed 51st state here in America will be called 'Liberty' and it'll actually take a good chunk out of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming.  Why is this state being proposed?  Its purpose is to be a "Christian Conservative State" that consists mostly of people with the same thought process and beliefs including condemning issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, or anything they deem as going against Biblical Law.

A fundraising event just took place in Spokane, Washington bringing in more than 200 people that not only brought in money but sat in on a gala at the CenterPlace Regional Event Center with speakers that included Matt Shea, a Spokane Valley Republican who has championed the Liberty State movement; Spokane City Councilor Mike Fagan; Spokane City Council candidate Tim Benn; and Loren Culp, the police chief in Republic, Wash.

The gala didn't go completely without some controversy when 10 men opposing the 51st state entered the building and tried to take seats among the crowd.  This gala was guarded by a militialike security team who all had armed pistols holstered at their sides so it got a little tense there for a bit until Sheriff Deputies peacefully escorted the 10 men out of the building.

Truthfully, I'd be shocked if this goes anywhere but it's out there, and I've seen crazy things happen in this world.  For more detailed information check out the Idaho State Journal below.

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