Is it a joke? Must I be making this up? Hell no! Man!!! This is something where I'm like Bruce Wayne - I DON'T DO BATS! I'm writing this because it was just a month ago that I visited my wife's family in Oakley, Idaho. We put out air mattresses and slept out under the stars. It was beautiful, cool breeze and some swooping bats! I remember Paige saying, "Oh, by the way you might feel or see bats nose diving but they'll leave you alone as the night goes on."

What?!?! I loved the next part of her comment, "Oh gosh! Don't be a baby!" This is a true story to everyone reading this. There are just a few things that I would prefer to stay away from like spiders, snakes, scorpions, alligators, sharks, and BATS! Why should you care? The headline reads like this,

Number of Rabid Bats Above Average in Treasure Valley.

That's enough to grab my attention. Protect yo self-fool! Here's what you should know and honestly it's not that bad. That said, you seriously should stay away and protect your animals. These bats are carrying rabies and the Central District Health Department is warning everyone to take precaution.

One of the warning signs mentioned is daytime activities which are unusual for bats. That doesn't mean they have rabies, but it's a good indication to stay away. If you've been bitten or scratched seek medical attention immediately. Make sure you vaccinate your pets and educate your kids.

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