The Race to Robie Creek is a cult favorite and one of the most popular running events in Boise. Why? maybe it's the cause that brings people out. Frank Church High School for at risk youth has long been the beneficiary of this great event. Maybe it's tradition or maybe its the course? Regardless of your "Why" this year the Race to Robie Creek Registrations sold out in 12 minutes and 12 seconds making it a record time. Last year the race sold out in 13 minutes. Clearly there is something about this race that people need to experience and I happen to think its the actual course itself so here is a great description from just in case you're thinking of doing it next year.
Mile by Mile Description:

Start: The race begins at High Noon every third Saturday in April at Fort Boise.

Mile 1: The climb begins as participants hit Reserve Street and wind around the corner up Shaw Mountain Road.

Mile 2: The climb continues up Shaw Mountain Road, and if you look back, you get a nice view of Bronco Stadium.

Mile 3: Past the Table Rock Road turnoff, and it’s the only part of the first 8.5 miles that is downhill and runners cross the first cattle guard.

Mile 4: At mile 3.5, the pavement ends and the dirt road begins. The climb steepens and you wind up a long narrow canyon with some shade.

Mile 5: Continuing ever uphill, the road winds through a gradually widening Rocky Canyon and crosses the second cattle guard.

Mile 6: Past the second cattle guard, a steep pitch, followed by a brief stretch of flatter terrain to tease you. Take advantage, cause it’s gonna get brutal.

Mile 7: From here on the climb is steep, and shade is scarce. At this stage, don’t be surprised to see runners turning into walkers.

Mile 8: Past mile 7.5, the throng winds up the steepest, most grueling part of the course. Only a half-mile to the summit, but it’s painful.

Mile 9: Over the summit you’re wondering what your calves are doing, because here comes the muscle-cramping, toe-jamming, bone-jarring downhill.

Mile 10: Wind through the back-side forest and try to stay upright on the sharp downhill turns. The best part is the wonderful shade.

Mile 11: The downhill continues and you begin to wonder if it will ever end.

Mile 12: Enjoy the last bit of downhill because once Rocky Canyon Road hits Robie Creek Road, the course flattens out — but of course it feels like you’re going uphill because of what you’ve just come down. How much do you have left?

Mile 13: You made it! Around the last bend is the finish line. Get through the chute, collect your Robie trinket, go collect your T-shirt and enjoy the best post-race party in existence.


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