"Rapping Dad" Derek Clark has over 150,000,000 views on Youtube, going viral rapping in his car to his kids.

Check him out freestyling with Cruise & Box! We asked Derek to come in to rap battle against Tawsha. She bowed out at the last second, so I had to step in and bring the heat. Trust when I say that I have nothing on this guy. He's amazing.

Derek lives in Eagle with his family, and is originally from California. After a rough upbringing the foster care system, Derek decided to use his struggle to help others.

His "Rapping Dad" video has gone completely viral, being featured on the Steve Harvey Show, Reddit, Worldstar Hip Hop, and dozens of other sources. This guy is everywhere!

However, rapping is just one small part of the amazing human Derek is. He's a motivational speaker, an accomplished author, and a fantastic father. Talking to this guy is pure energy. His words hold so much weight and truth, and it truly feels like he's speaking to anyone with his uplifting message:

Everyone suffers, but what we do with that suffering makes all the difference. How will we use our pain to shape and determine our future? Will we torture ourselves just for the sake of it, or will we learn from our suffering, using it as a tool to enrich our future? When you change the way you think about your pain, your life will change in dramatic and inspiring ways. I realized as a young man that I didn’t have to feel guilty and blame myself any longer for the pain my mother, father, and other people caused me. I had to take responsibility for my own life and not let any other person control my heart and mind.

Derek Clark is the epitome of the Treasure Valley. We're proud to have had him on the show, and to have made one hell of a friend in the process.

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