In Idaho, we're able to have access to animals, places, and activities that a lot of states across the country couldn't even fathom. All across our state are things that folks from across the globe envy-- serene mountain scapes, a darkness preserve, world-class fishing, ski slopes that compete with the best on the planet and even world-renowned white water rapids.

One animal you won't see walking around in more populous states is a the Grizzly Bear--these marvels of nature call Idaho, home.

In a recent excursion into the mountains, some Idaho Fish and Game officers came across an amazing sight.

An Idaho Grizzly Bear biologist noticed that a collar was left behind from a "research bear" and so he and some colleagues went on a search for that collar in the wilderness. What they found was amazing.

Take a closer look at what the officers from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game discovered when they tracked down that collar, below: 

Intimate Look at Idaho Grizzly Bear Den

It isn't every day that you get to see such a marvel in nature--here in Idaho we're surrounded by it, but sometimes we just don't know what to look for!

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game recently shared some photos of their discovery in the wild and it's so amazing to see!

It's amazing to see the sheer talent and nature of these Grizzly bears that are in our backyard here in Idaho. 

Because of the size of this den, experts believe that he must have weighed 600 or more pounds.

Of course, the internet is having a lot of fun with this because the views from that bear den are spectacular. There are multi-million dollar homes on the market that can't even compete with what this bear was able to secure for hibernation season.

Fair to say this bear was a little boujee!?

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