If you've gotten some ink recently or thinking about getting some soon, you'll want to ask some extra questions of the tattoo place and artist.  The FDA has recalled several types of ink, because of bacterial contamination.  The contaminations ould lead to serious infection.

Since Idaho has almost no regulation on tattooing, don't just assume the tattoo shops and artists are ensuring they aren't using recalled ink.

From the KTVB story, the ink is manufactured by four different companies.

Symptoms from use of the contaminated ink, could include: Redness, rash, swelling, itchiness and possible infection.  Consult with a physician, if you have any symptoms.

Here are some tips to consider, when deciding on where to get ink.

1. Search for reviews on ink shops and artists

2. Take a tour of the shop.  Check for cleanliness and ask about proper disposal of contaminated items and if they sterilize equipment after each use

3.  As them for ink brand and maker and search for any recalls

Although Idaho, has few regulations for tattooing, you do have to be at least 14.  If you are 14-17, you must have parental permission, other than that, just make sure you ask questions, you're comfortable with the procedures and cleanliness and enjoy your ink.

Here are some images of the ink that's been recalled.

courtesy of the FDA
courtesy of the FDA
ink recall3

(courtesy of the FDA)



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