It is news that we see every now and then, but it's never something that we want to avoid: food recalls.  From time to time, manufacturers and factories either by force, or preemptively, release a recall to warn consumers that they may not want to risk eating the food or using the product. This is absolutely the case with some popular brands from the parent company "Lyons-Magnus".

We see these drinks in our break room refrigerator all of the time-- Oatly (oat milk) and Premier Protein Shakes.  Some batches (not all of these) have been recalled and if you have any in your home it might be worth checking.

Oat Milk is all of the hype these days and consumers aren't loving the idea of any blows to the supply chain. This is just one of the many products that Lyons-Magnus recalled for potential microbial, bacterial contamination.

The internet is reacting, too:




As provided by the FDA, below is a brief list of products to check for:

  • Premier Protein shakes in chocolate, vanilla and café latte flavors (330ml. carton)
  • Oatly Oat-Milk Barista Edition, (12 ct. 32 oz. in “Slim Packaging”)
  • Aloha plant-based protein shakes in coconut, chocolate sea salt, vanilla and iced coffee flavors (330ml. carton)
  • Intelligentsia Cold Coffee and Oat Latte in multiple flavors (330ml. carton)
  • Glucerna Original in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla (24 ct. club case, 237ml. carton)
  • Pirq Plant Protein in multiple flavors (4 and 12 ct., 325 ml. carton)
  • Lyons Barista Style non-dairy beverages in oat, coconut and almond (32oz carton)
  • Lyons Ready Care Thickened Dairy Drink and Lyons Ready Care 2.0 High Calorie High Protein Nutritional Drink in multiple flavors (32oz cartons)
  • Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee with Oat Milk in original, chocolate, horchata (325 ml.cartons) as well as Stumptown’s Cold Brew Coffee with Cream & Sugar in original and chocolate (325ml. carton)
  • Kate Farms Pediatric Standard 1.2 in Vanilla (250ml. carton)
  • MRE Protein Shakes in milk chocolate, cookies and cream, salted caramel,and vanilla milkshake flavors (330ml carton)
  • Imperial Med Plus 2.0 Vanilla Nutritional Drink (12 ct.,32oz carton) Thickened Dairy Drink in various flavors, and MedPlus Nutritional Drink in various flavors


For more details on the recall, you can find photos of the products, batch information, and the exhaustive list of questions that you may like to have answered, HERE.

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