Welcome to the world's first multi-projection theatre technology that provides almost a full 360-degree viewing experience at 270 degrees. This takes "riding shotgun" to the next level!

The movies that play on these screens are specially designed to give you the most amazing experience ever. This makes sense considering people just aren't going into movie theatres anymore. Take the movie shootings, anxiety post those shootings and all the streaming services that have just launched. The Peacock is NBCUniversal's latest streaming project and this one is free. It's real out on that streaming field people.

That's why you're noticing theatres stepping up their game. The Village at Meridian was one of the first theatres to offer an experience related movie outing. Go see a movie, gave a drink or sit in a recliner. Regal Cinemas just said, "not so fast" with their new ScreenX experience that just opened up.

I could describe it but damn! This puts you in the film and also changes the types of movies being made. You WANT that experience and now you get to fly in the cockpit of TOP GUN 2 with Tom Cruise or shotgun with Will Smith in Bad Boys 3.

Keep listening for your free tickets and I've attached some amazing photos and videos to get your preview.

Bad Boy 3



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