It wouldn't be fun watching college football if the games weren't fair, right? Even if your team has an unfair advantage, don't you still feel a little guilty if they win? It just doesn't feel right.

Well, in 2011, a group of Crabby Patties made damn sure that Boise State didn't have an unfair advantage while playing at home. Yes, this is something real grown adults spent a lot of time arguing about. Read on.

When Boise State entered the Mountain West Conference in 2011, a bunch of coaches of other teams claimed that when playing at home, BSU had an unfair advantage since they were wearing blue jerseys on blue turf.

Yes, those coaches assumed that humans can't tell the difference between blue grass and a person dressed in a giat blue outfit.

Luckily, in 2013, the temporary ban was dropped and as far as we know, Boise State players can wear whatever color they want on the field. Speaking of which...

Maybe it's time for some new color pallettes for the boys to wear? I could see BSU hitting the field in a nice magenta, or perhaps a Justin Timberlake baby blue hue? I kid.

Do you think Boise State actually has an unfair advantage if they're wearing blue jerseys while playing on blue turf? Believe it or not, this is still something people are arguing about ten years later.

Just wait until what happens when these people finally discover camoflague. Which, as you know, is actually designed to make humans disappear. It's going to be an absolute outrage.

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