Breaking news is still developing in the Treasure Valley this afternoon after reports of an Active Shooter have been shared by the Boise Police Department.

In the tweet, the Boise Police Department is urging people to stay away from the mall area.

While we are still waiting for details to come in on what exactly is happening and has happened this far, the Boise Police Department has said that one person is in custody at this time. Obviously, a massive response by emergency personnel still calls for the public to stay AWAY from the Boise Towne Square.

Update: 2:39 p.m. 
Update: 3:02 p.m. 

One Twitter user has shared footage that is allegedly, from their son who was at the mall. Video contains audio of a gun, shows large police presence. 

Update 3:15 p.m. 

Boise City Councilwoman Holli Woodings responds to today's events:   

As more updates from officials come in, some info has been shared by the general public which you can see, below. These are not confirmed accounts. 

One Boise resident shared via Facebook: 

Was walking in the mall when people started screaming and running so we ran. We were told there was an active shooter situation and to leave even the parking lot

Another resident shared that they were actually in the mall with coworkers: 

I am in the Boise mall and we are hiding in the back of a Kohl’s and I think the police just barged in. Sounded like a lot of people. Just really scary.

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