Leave it to the French to discover something bad for us.  Something we all have around us, pretty much all the time.  French researchers have recently discovered that the LED lights in our homes, workplace, even in our cars and phones is damaging our eyes.  Specifically the "blue light" that's present in LED lighting can damage the retina in our eyes and cause us to lose sleep by interrupting our sleep rhythms.

From the Yahoo News story, the research shows the LED lighting is "photo-toxic" and can lead to permanent damage and blurry vision.  Back lighting on our mobile phones and tablets create chronic exposure and can lead to the same damage as LED light bulbs.

Other effects of LED lighting include, "headaches, visual fatigue and a higher risk of accidents," the report said.

How do you avoid this, but still light your life?  The report recommends buying "warm white" LED lighting and avoiding screens from our phones and tablets right before bedtime.

Are you experiencing headaches, loss of sleep, fatigue or other vision issues?  This could be the lights in your house or electronic device.  Take a look at what you have in your house and make the switch to "warm white" light and put that phone down at least 30 minutes before bed.  I'm guilty of scrolling through my feed or swiping left/right on that dating app, but I'm going to work on reducing my LED exposure.

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