There's nothing quite like the rush of riding a motorcycle. The wind in your face. The open road laid out for miles in front of you. The scent of fresh air and freedom. It's pretty awesome.

Especially around Idaho, where the scenic views are second-to-none and you're sure to find fellow motorcycle enthusiasts at every turn.

That is, unless, it's illegal for you to operate a motorcycle. Let's see if it applies to you.

Most laws that apply to motorcycles in Idaho are the same that apply to other motor vehicles: Stop at red lights, follow the speed limit, etc etc. Pretty basic stuff. This law, however, is far from basic. About as far as you can get, actually.

In Idaho Falls, Idaho, it is illegal for anyone over the age of eighty-eight years old to ride a motorcycle.

You read that right. If Great Aunt Edna is planning on firing up her Harley for a weekend trip to Idaho Falls, you may want to advise her to ride to literally any other city in Idaho where she won't be thrown behind bars.

Sure, the law is funny, but has it ever actually been enforced? As of this writing, there's been no documented arrests or citations (that we could find) where someone over the age of 88 was fined or arrested for riding or operating a motorcycle.

Hasn't happened yet, but you might as well warn Great Aunt Edna anyways. She doesn't seem like the type who would do well in the clink.

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