This is honestly my worst nightmare every time I float the Boise River.

I've had my fair share of snafus on the Boise River with my friends.  We've had friends come untied from our group of rafts and go flying into the trees lining the banks.  I've been in a raft that capsized before we reached Warm Springs Golf Course.  My fiance's forgotten the keys to our car parked at Ann Morrison Park in the other car at Barber Park.  Luckily, I've managed to escape any serious fall out from the bridge jumpers at the orange Baybrook Bridge.

The people jumping from that bridge give me an anxiety attack and it's not because I'm worried about getting splashed. We're on the river after all, so you're going to get wet one way or another.  It's either going to be the way you come over the three rapids or the jumpers that will soak you.  I'm always nervous that one of them will land on the raft causing it to get sucked under water or worse...that one of these people will land on one of us and really hurt someone I'm floating with.

That nightmare came true for 19-year-old Cienna Cook over the weekend. According to Channel 2, a man estimated to weigh 250 pounds jumped from the Baybrook Bridge and landed on Cienna's stomach. The man quickly said he was sorry and ran away.  Cienna was unable to breathe or walk in the moments following the impact.  Good Samaritan floaters who saw what happened were able to pull her from the water and call 911.

She was hospitalized for internal bleeding which luckily stopped on its own.  As of Tuesday night, Cienna was recovering at home.  It's a happier ending than what could've happened. An impact like the one she experienced could have caused ruptured organs or loss of consciousness leading to drowning.

Boise Police say no charges have been filed in the incident and the man who jumped off the bridge has not been identified. Jumping from the bridges over the river is legal, but jumpers need to land at least 50 feet away from those in tubes, rafts or other floating devices.

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