April's late-summer snow drew mostly groans on social media. Based on the way our listeners reacted, we know that Boise's looking forward to sunnier and much, much warmer days! 

Roaring Springs
Roaring Springs

If you're new to the area, trust us when we say they're on the way! Summer in Boise is a scorcher. In 2021, we had 18 days over 100º. We would love to lie and say that those types of temperatures aren't typical, but the truth is that over the past 10 summers, seven of them had more than 10 days where the temperature was 100º+.

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Sometimes those hot, hot temperatures arrive BEFORE the start of Boise River float season. It's always a little tough to predict exactly when float season will start because it depends on more than just air temperature. Other factors include how fast the river is flowing and if the Boise Fire Department has swept the river for downed trees and other snags in the river. Over the past six summers, it's started as early as June 15 (2021) and as late as July 2 (2019.)

Luckily, when the river isn't open there are plenty of other ways to find relief from the heat! Here is where and when you can expect to splash around at Roaring Springs, local pools in Boise, Meridian and Nampa and several splash pads around the area!

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