Here we are two days before the weekend and the weatherman is saying the temperature will hit 80 degrees in the Treasure Valley... Talk about perfect weather for a day on or in the water. Apparently Roaring Springs has impeccable timing as this weekend they're opening for the season. Not only is this weekend their grand opening but they're also debuting a brand new 1.3 million dollar ride called the 'Snake River Run". The Roaring Springs website describes the experience riders will have on the double corkscrew and two flying saucers below:

  • Launch into the double explosion loop in a one or two person tube
  • Bank into the first flying saucer with max acceleration
  • Drop and dive into the second flying saucer with thrilling G forces
  • Blast into the final 180° turn

There are some restrictions to be aware of:

  • Height Restrictions: Single riders must be 48″ in bare feet. Double riders must be 42″ in the front of the tube and 48″ in the back.

  • Weight Restrictions: Single rider, 250 lbs max, two riders 400 lbs max (guests weighed individually or in pairs, weight not displayed).

If you're concerned about your children's health in regards to the COVID-19 virus the parks website claims to be virus free.

"In spring of 2018, Roaring Springs invested $350,000 to install UV light on all of its water to provide an added layer of protection for its guests. UV light works by disrupting the DNA or RNA of specific organisms, such as viruses, which in turn, kills or inactivates the virus completely."

Roaring Springs Park hours the next two weekends  are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., then seven days a week starting Memorial Day weekend. Are you going on opening weekend?

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