Don't judge me for already having a plan for tailgating on Saturday morning. That being said, there are some rules to follow when it comes to alcohol. Let's just go ahead and make those clear so we're all still there come game time. 

What's the one thing that causes the most problems on game day? According to Boise Police, it's alcohol. They're not telling us to avoid it, they're just telling us how we can avoid a run-in with them.

For that, dear BPD, we say "thank you".

Let me run through a few things to remember before football season begins. It could be old news or something you've never heard. Either way, at least we've covered it.

  1. 10 to 10 Zone: From 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. around Albertsons Stadium, for those who are 21 and over, open alcohol containers are permitted. Drinks must be in opaque plastic cups - no glass, cans or any kind of bottle with alcohol labels on them are allowed within the zone.
  2. Attracting Attention Attracts ALL Attention: If you're screaming, climbing on things, playing the loudest music, yelling across the lot - whatever - you're attracting attention. Sure, people might be laughing and having the best time. Just remember, you're attracting their attention as well as the police and anyone else monitoring the area. Keep it chill if you can. If not, surround yourself with people who can keep yourself chill. For the love of everything holy KEEP. YOUR. LIFE. IN. ORDER.
  3. Get a Ride Home. If you drive down to the game and you find that you're drinking and your decision to drive to the game wasn't the best one... leave your car there and get a ride home. Get an Uber or Lyft. Pickup is right in front of Chili's on Broadway. It's a simple walk (using the crosswalk) from the stadium parking lot to the pickup area.

More parking areas have been added because it's pretty awful to try and find parking. If you can carpool or get a ride down to the game, that's ideal. If you cannot and you need to find parking, you can park on the streets (just don't block driveways, fire hydrants or crosswalks). Parks offering free parking

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