It's National Teacher Appreciation Week this week and I'm all about teachers. Just yesterday, I shared with you some of my experiences with teachers here in the Treasure Valley. It's true, educators--for my entire life--have been some of the most influential people. They have shaped me into the person that I am today by their example--they've given me the gift of critical thought and taught me HOW to think and not WHAT to think. For this and more, I am forever grateful.

So, how can you help out a teacher this week? It seems if there were a week to do so, this is the one! Without having a direct tie to a teacher, school, or classroom, you may not know where to start. The State of Idaho actually gives some pretty great incentives to those who give.

Take into consideration, for example, the Idaho Education Tax Credit.

Yes--taxes are boring--but they also suck when you have to pay. Single filers and married couples can shave off $500 or $1000 off of the top of their State of Idaho tax bill just by GIVING to an educational cause.

By giving to a school, education foundation, or education related cause, you can be donating money that otherwise would be going to the State of Idaho in taxes.

For example, if you gave $1,000 to a school here in Idaho, that would only cost you $110 after your 50 PERCENT Idaho Education Tax Credit and deduction.

It pays to give back, Idaho--and funds that can help teachers, students, and classrooms are so needed.

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