It's coming: that time of year where we slowly begin to cave into our secret inner desire to overly stuff our faces with amazing holiday delights. And we can't really blame you. Thanksgiving is one of Boise's (and the countries) most popular holidays, for many delicious reasons. It's hard (even for the most die-hard calorie counting among us) not to stuff our faces and pack on the pounds.

Luckily, there's something you can do. Simply try to avoid the following 3 Thanksgiving foods at all cost to keep the weight off.


This cornbread sausage stuffing will be irresistible at Thanksgiving dinner.

Stuffing can be made with many "extras" including bacon, giblets or sausage and can easily skyrocket the amount of calories per cup. The average American can easily consume two cups equaling over 1,000 calories.

Macaroni and Cheese

This is not Kraft, but I got it off Getty.

With all the high calorie ingredients you should typically stay away from, Macaroni and Cheese is a delicious enemy to avoid. Depending on how much milk, butter, cream and cheese is added, even a small portion can easily contain over 1200 calories.

Green Bean Casserole

This may actually be the best green bean casserole you ever make.

What? Green beans are healthy right? Well, usually not with Green Bean Casserole. The recipe includes lots of cream or cream of mushroom soup, butter and fried crispy onions. These calorie heavy ingredients spell disaster for your waist line.

Remember, calories add up

If you want to enjoy some of these delicious Thanksgiving foods, watch your serving size. You could also try limiting your calories the week before the "big day" so you can have some extra to spare.

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