A scar can sometimes be a painful reminder of past trauma, leaving some people feeling less confident about their body.

However, many people are celebrating and accentuating their scars using beautiful tattoos. Find out how, below.

What Are Scar Tattoos?

From animals to flowers and even space ships, scar tattoos provide a beautiful way for people to embrace their scars by turning them into personal works of art.

For some, scar tattoos act as a straightforward cover up. However, scar tattoos can also help people reclaim their bodies and celebrate their challenges by highlighting their scars.

TV shows such as Ink Master show how tattoo artists can create and apply a design to conceal a scar discretely, or even accentuate and draw attention to a scar.

Instagram can also offer some incredible creative inspiration for scar tattoos.

Photos of Beautiful Scar Tattoos:

Below, see some photos of real peoples' beautiful scar tattoo designs.

How to Get a Scar Tattoo:

It's important to know that scar tattoos are special and require a lot of planning. Scarred skin is often more sensitive, which can affect the healing process.

Keep in mind what kind of scar you hope to cover or highlight, what size it is and where it's located on the body.

If you are thinking about getting a scar tattoo, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Consult your tattoo artist for ideas and recommendations.

Celebrities With Lower Back Tattoos

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