Idaho is famous for potatoes. Google it. Look up some hashtags on TikTok. It doesn't matter where you go, that continues to be the punchline in 2022. While our economy in the Gem State does benefit from some hot potato action, it isn't the only thing that defines Idaho.

For example, what does Idaho smell like? If you thought everyone was going to answer with "potatoes," so did we. We were wrong. Way wrong.

We take to Twitter to find out what people on the internet think Idaho really smells like. Some of the answers had us laughing, while others left us deeply concerned.

Idaho smells like fish? We'd get it if maybe you were somewhere actually, you know, fishing. But overall? Maybe our noses are clogged.


Cuffing season is here, and Madison, we don't disagree. Fall means pumpkin pie EVERYTHING, even if you're at the beach.


Oh. Well you see Emma, that's because there are cows here. And cows love to poop.


You gotta love Mykayla. Never one to immediately give away details, this ominous tweet leaves room for us to figure out what that really is.


Damn it. We tried to avoid the potatoes jokes!


Welp. That certainly feels like enough for today.

We're out! Sorry, nana.

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