For those of us fortunate enough to be able to spend time with family, the holidays mean being with your loved ones, sharing some laughs, and (of course) arguing about anything and everything. It's pretty much a holiday tradition, right?

If it's not politics, it's the shape of Earth. If it's not the shape of Earth, it's sports. If it's not sports, it's about how something was better the way it used to be.

When there's scientific evidence to back up your point of view, however, that's when the conversation gets truly interesting. Don't believe us?

Scientists have proven, with concrete evidence, that Idaho is consistantly shifting to the left. Well, to the South/Southwest, to be more specific.

Yup. Idaho (and the rest of the states on the continent we share) is shifting ever-so-slightly to the West at a rate of around one inch per year. Sure, it's not a lot of movement, but an entire continent moving an inch every year? That's a lot of movement.

Now, if you came here with a death stare waiting to hear about how Idaho's political climate is changing? It probably is, but that's not nearly as exciting as our entire landmass moving a little bit every year.

Now that's something you should argue about at Christmas dinner. Just wait for Uncle Chaz to try and argue his way out of this one. Oh, you didn't invite him because of his tyrade last year about how Kanye West is actually the Flying Spaghetti Monster and anyone who votes by mail is a clone?

Good. Uncle Chaz sucks anyway.

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