Ahoy there maties! Shiver your timbers and swashbuckle a free donut on Monday, September 19th! 

Krispy Kreme is celebrating international Talk Like A Pirate day on Monday, September 19th. That means that anyone that visits the Treasure Valley's Krispy Kreme location on Eagle Road in Meridian and talks like a pirate will receive a free glazed donut.

But what if one donut isn't enough for you? Krispy Kreme is giving you two ways to score a dozen glazed donuts! The first way?  Go to Krispy Kreme dressed as a pirate and score ye bounty.  Don't have a pirate costume?  This year you can use the Snapchat to digitally dress up as a pirate and show that to a Krispy Kreme team member to take home your treasure!

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