If you're someone that has considered riding your bike downtown or to work (those things aren't particularly mutually-exclusive), but have no idea where to LEAVE your bike...there's about to be an answer. In other words, a REASON for you to carry out that biking idea and cutting back on your carbon footprint.

Just announced last week are some brand-new secured bike lockers that will be offered inside of a parking garage right in the heart of downtown Boise!  Not only will these things make sure that your bike is going home with nobody but you, they'll also be protecting your precious ride from any sort of bad weather.

When I was in college, nike theft was a huge issue. Bikes were stolen from and around campus daily, locks just clipped right off, and if you had a more secure u-lock on them--often times thieves would use a car jack to split them open. Needless to say, parking your bike anywhere outside was always stressful.

While bike theft isn't as big of an issue here in Boise, this measure taken by the parent company of many of our downtown parking garages only alleviates any concern you could have about leaving your bike someplace for hours at a time.

The lockers are going to be put in the garage located on 9th and Main. There will be racks to hold over 40 bikes and lockers to store nearly 20. These will be behind key-card access with security cameras and even a bike repair station! It's full service.

The project is expected to be complete by June 1st and you can learn more, HERE.

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