With Memorial Day coming up, lots of things are on the minds of Idahoans. For most, Memorial Day is observed reverently, as we remember and honor the lives of men and women who died while serving in the United State military. However, for others--it might just be a long weekend.

This year, we hope to bring a little extra attention to our fallen service men and women--and one interesting act could be a family activity for you this year.

Have you ever been to a cemetery and seen coins on a graveyard? Sometimes, you may think that clearing those coins off is doing the grave a service--but those coins have been left there intentionally.

What do coins and gravestones have in common, though?

Let's take a look at what all of this means, ahead of Memorial Day!

The Hidden Meaning of Coins on Idaho Gravestones

Believe it or not, all of the coins that can occasionally add up on the gravestones of service men and women--especially leading up to days like Memorial Day--mean something.

Take a look below to see what all of it means--and what coins have to do with it all!

Did you know that all of these meanings existed!? 

While there's nothing wrong with using your Memorial Day off to catch up on things around the house, visit with friends, or host a get together--please don't forget what the holiday is all about this year.

One creative idea to get the kids and family involved in the observance of Memorial Day? Why not get everyone out to the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery with some pennies and show your gratitude for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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