From the outside, this home doesn’t look like much. But inside? It’s really something special! 

When you hear the words “indoor pool,” what type of Idaho property comes to mind? Probably some luxury home high above Boise in the foothills, something ritzy in Sun Valley or something elegant near the lake in Coeur d’Alene. We’re not shocked that it wasn’t a 47 year old home in a pretty average looking subdivision near Overland and Cloverdale.

Danielle Cheatle/A.V. West Real Estate
Danielle Cheatle/A.V. West Real Estate

But that’s exactly where you’ll find one of the handful of homes in Boise with its own indoor pool! Could you imagine coming home to something like this after a long day at work? You could take a relaxing dip in the pool no matter what time of year it is! The pool isn’t the only amenity offering you a way to unwind. The home also has an in-ground, indoor hot tub and a cedar sauna. 

There’s no doubt that if you owned this home, your house would be the coolest one in the neighborhood. It’s the one all your kids’ friends would want to come play at and one that you could host some epic ladies night at for your own friends. 

So how much does a hidden gem like this cost? The answer may surprise you! 

See Inside a Simple Looking Boise Home With an Amazing Indoor Pool

When you hear "indoor pool" you probably don't picture a 47 year old home in an average looking Boise subdivision probably isn't what you're picturing. The home may look simple on the outside, but inside? That pool is SPECTACULAR!

What’s kind of shocking is the fact that this home isn’t the only home in Boise with an indoor pool for sale! The other one is pricier, but again…it’s somewhere you’d least expect to find it. 

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