We all assumed that Selena's new album was mostly about her failed relationship with Justin Bieber and now we got the real. Jojo did an amazing interview where he got her to dive into the album and the meaning behind each song. Here is the transcript from iheart.com

On Why She Named the Album “Rare”:

“Because ‘Rare’ is the song that I wish I could actually say personally to every single person. I think there’s so much going on … it’s just so much pressure and everybody thinks they have to look exactly the same and the truth is you don’t … and I felt that way … and this song is the opposite of that.”

On Revival Versus Rare:

“That’s like saying what were you like from 20 to 25 — there’s so much that happens. … I feel like it’s not better, but a piece of work that I think is better. And you can tell I’ve evolved so that’s good.”

The Meaning Behind Song “Dance Again”:

“The purpose and the meaning of this song is that you can be vulnerable, you can have all these feelings, … but now I’m ready to let loose and it’s so cheesy, but I’ve gone my step back … and it feels good.”

On the Most Empowering Song on the Album:

“I think my song ‘Vulnerable’ because I’ve always been one to say that vulnerability is strength — it’s not something that makes you weak. … I love this song and love how it feels.”

On Track “Ring”:

“Ring is sassy. I don’t know if I can say the real meaning behind it [on here]. … The point of it is it’s a confidence. … It’s all about feeling good about myself and being able to kind of be intimidating to guys and my voice sounds very different on this record as well.”

On Collaborating With 6lack and the Meaning Behind “Crowded Room”:

“I had recorded ‘Crowded Room’ a few years ago and knew I always wanted someone to be on it and I wanted a male to be on because the song [is about] ‘even if we’re in a crowded room, it’s only me and you.’ … I didn’t want [anyone else than 6lack] so it was like, ‘Can you?’ And then it happened so it was [like], ‘Thank you.’ And he sounds unbelievable … I’m very, very grateful for 6lack.”

“I think this is a very sweet song. … I have this couple friend and they’re married and they’re so great together. ... One of the cutest things that they do is they have to go to a lot of social gatherings, and every now and then -- they made a deal -- that if you made eye contact from across the room, [you lift up the No. 1 finger], and it means you’re my No. 1.”


On Track “Vulnerable”:

“[It] started talking about faith and ... the hardest thing in the world is to forgive someone. … There comes a point where forgiveness is necessary, but also something you need to release and this song is called ‘Vulnerable’ because no matter how much someone puts me down, I’m still gonna be me.”


On Track “Let Me Get Me”:

“[It’s about] am I going to stay in a place where I’m stuck? Or am I just not going to do that anymore to myself and keep going?”

On Track “Sweeter Place” Reflecting Depression and Anxiety:

Gomez pointed out “Sweeter Place” lyric “holding hands with the darkness and knowing I’m allowed" and explained: “I feel like I’m saying a lot of different emotions … [but] I had to learn so much of it to not be afraid of it. … [Like], you’re allowed to feel them and then let them go.”

“I think all I want with this record is for people to make it there ow," she added. "The words mean so much and I just want people to turn these messages into something great and to feel good because it’s really hard to listen to what’s going on in the world. … I wanted to be a voice for people that may have experienced the feelings I have had.”

On Track “Kind of Crazy”:

“[I wrote the song] three years ago and the style of it is something I’d never really done before. … It’s a song saying, ‘I get it. We have our thing. I never understand, but sometimes you’re just kind of crazy.’ … I think everyone has that in their relationship and if not, tell me your secret.”

On Track “Cut You Off”:

“[‘Cut You Off’ is] another one that’s kind of like brushing it off and it’s explaining there’s so many places I could go, so many things I could do, not being held down by something.”

On Track “Sweeter Place” and Working With Beloved Kid Cudi:

“It means so much to me because I have one of my favorite artists on this song. … And when I was in the studio, sometimes I get burnt out, and I just said, ‘Let’s just do something weird.’ And I mean this in a compliment, like, something weird Cudi does. … So I was extremely honored to have worked with him and we sent the song and he called me and said …’What do you feel like I could contribute?’ And I said ‘I would love for you to take the song and produce it.’ And that’s kind of scary … so I just trusted it and he was in Italy at the time and then we went into the studio for two days … and I watched him in awe … and we had the greatest time.”


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