It's official.  I'm a Shark Week hater. I can't believe I sat through the Michael Phelps special just to watch him race a fake shark.

When I heard that Michael Phelps was racing a shark, I thought I'd give Shark Week a second chance.  I never understood the hype behind Discovery's Channel's "most wonderful week" of the year, but I do love me some summer Olympics. Well, like almost everyone in the world...I expected Phelps swimming in a lane next to a shark in the lane next to him. I was so, so bummed when I realized I'd wasted 60 minutes of my weekend waiting to watch the Olympian race a computer generated shark.

Do you feel like Shark Week has "jumped the shark" and are ready to abandon it too? These local restaurants want you to give Shark Week a second chance by offering up these yummy shark themed specials.

Joe's Crab Shack invites your to "Feed the Frenzy" by trying one of their "Shark Bite" cocktails during Shark Week.  It's made from Bacardi Limón Rum, Absolut Vodka, Bacardi 151 Rum, blue curacao, sweet & sour and a dangerous dose of grenadine according to the menu!  They've also been running a "you've been bitten" Facebook tag game on their website for a chance to win a $25 Joe's gift card.  The Joe's Crab Shack in the Treasure Valley is along the Greenbelt at 2288 N Garden St.

How about an ice cream hook-up?  Cold Stone partners with Discovery Channel to bring you the Shark Week frenzy specials like the Great White Bite or Deep Sea Delight.  Take a picture with yours and use the hashtag #coldstonesharkweek for a chance to win Cold Stone prizes.  Grab yours in Meridian at 1400 N Eagle Rd #103, in Boise at 1028 Vista Avenue or in Nampa at 1238 Caldwell Blvd.

I still can't get down with watching Shark Week, but now it's just a little bit sweeter to live through!

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